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SRA - Satanic Ritual Abuse And Secret Societies - VCD1.

SRA - Satanic Ritual Abuse And Secret Societies - VCD1.

Fundamentalism, religious fundamentalism specifically, is a politically correct justification for bigotry & specifically racial supremacy and racial supremacy is a politically correct justification for incest and bestiality. These belief system's foster a series of developmentally stunted, fear, hate, scare, rumor and smear mongering, tinfoil hat-wearing, Kool-Aid sipping, conspiracy theories, & some might say that I am doing the same thing by trying to bring this kind of attention to fundamentalism, & specifically religious fundamentalism, but, have you been to a funeral where the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is protesting, in support of dead American soldier's?? Have you been to a Memorial Day parade where they scream "Death to America!!!"??

The Bible is "The Big Book Of Judeo-Christian Mythology, Fairytales & Metaphors" just as much as the Koran is "The Big Book of Islamic Mythology, Fairytales & Metaphors" and in a certain sense religion is NOT the problem!! It's 'organized' religion that is the problem and it is "religious fundamentalism" that is evil.

(I've never been to a rally where Muslim fundamentalist's were screaming for the death of Salmon Rushdie or for the death of Theo Van Gogh, but, I have to assume that it is at least as hate-filled and nasty as any WBC tryst. Ultimately, Islam is just as much a religion of peace as Judaism is a religion of peace, just as much as Christianity is a religion of peace. The hate and the evil doesn't come to the surface, it doesn't become apparent and in a sense it doesn't exist until the fundamentalism tries to take control.)

Now, with that said; does Satanism exist? Have those assholes ever tried to do any of the things discussed in these two video's (part's 1 & 2), yes! But, are those thing's really anymore evil than what has been carried out by the whole of religious fundamentalism?? Well, I'd say hardly, if in the tiniest way whatsoever, at all! That does NOT condone or justify the things that anyone has done!! But, it does explain the reality that fundamentalism is a disease that permeates every religion and if you look at it closer you will find that it does the same to politics and social aspects of our society as well, often thru religion but, not entirely.

(If anyone want's to research this topic further then go forth and look at ppl & organization's like the Council of Conservative Citizens, Stormfront, the NOI, Kamau Kambon, Don Black, David Duke, Ron Paul, Randy Paul, Alex Jones, Roy Frankhouser, Rick Santorum, the controversy & the supporter's surrounding Mumia Abu Jamal, Pat Robertson, Osama Bin Laden, the Tea Party/Teabagger movement, 9/11 junk-engineering & junk-conspiracy theories, etc. I have video's, specifically, surrounding some of the topics covered by these ppl & organization's & I will upload those in time.)

Run time 72 minutes 16 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, color


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